Published Works

You can find my writing published in various automotive magazines. Listed to the right. Also you can find me featured as a model in Dice, or "The Story of My Life" featured in Garage Magazine. Here is the introduction to my book to be released in the upcoming year:

The Modern Tradition: Hotrodders, Artists, and Icons

Someday they'll uncover your bones, and they'll all wonder who you use to be. Now they wont have to wonder. They can turn these pages and know exactly who you were when you, were you; before you are, what you will be, which is just dust in the ground. After all isn't that what all this is for? Someday someone will see what you've built and how you made it, and they will forever know your work, long after your name has lost its meaning. Like Kenneth Howard, before Paris Hilton and Jay Z where wearing him. You are a hotrodder, an artist, and an icon, a person who will influence time and the world for better or worse.

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